Friday, July 24, 2009

Inspector General Fired by President Obama Files Lawsuit to Be Reinstated* - Political Punch

As we've covered, on June 11 President Obama fired Walpin, who had been criticized for his handling of an investigation into the use of AmeriCorps funds by a community group called St. HOPE Academy, founded by Kevin Johnson, former point guard of the Phoenix Suns, who was elected Mayor of Sacramento last November and is an ally of the president’s.

In April of this year, St. HOPE Academy agreed to pay a $423,836.50 settlement -- $72,836.50 of which would be paid personally by Mayor Johnson.

But Walpin didn't approve of the settlement, or the way it was handled, and said he was "proud" that he and the Inspector General's office "refused to go along with the U.S. Attorney’s office and the Corporation in bowing to the media and political pressure that resulted in this hasty settlement, contrary to the interests of the United States Government."

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