Sunday, July 19, 2009

Michael Savage: Pack your bags for England!

While we are on incompetents (and incompetence) in office, I was shocked at this article:

No, not the turnaround on banning Michael Savage... which was more of a circus event, but this statement from the stepped down Home Secretary:

Last week, Jacqui Smith admitted she was not up to being home secretary, saying she should have been given some training for the job before being named.

"When I became home secretary I'd never run a major organization," she told Total Politics magazine. "I hope I did a good job but if I did it was more by luck than by any kind of development of skills. I think we should have been better trained. I think there should have been more induction."

Last month, Smith resigned her position in the wake of scandal over personal use of taxpayer funds and her controversial ban of Savage.

If only the imbeciles in high office over here would have the humility to make such a statement I might be a little less antagonistic at them lining their own retirement portfolios at the expense of mine, all in the name of "helping the disadvantaged" (which it won't).

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