Thursday, July 16, 2009

‘God Awful’: Black Chamber of Commerce CEO Rips Sen. Boxer for ‘Condescending’ Racial Remarks

From the comments:

Ha -

Boxer did everything but say, “you need to fall in line with the other black folk and run along”. How embarrassing for this guy to be spoken down to like he is in second grade.

Hey California, another great job on sending just one more elitist to DC. Gosh, why is your state 24 billion in debt again?

I live in California and am ashamed of many of our representatives. They are arrogant and condescending without any common sense. How can the people of California keep electing these people? Look at our state government run by Democrats for numerous years and they have not only taken us down the road to ruin but will not fix the budget because they will not give up their special interests which means making cuts. I am very afraid for where we are going. Yes, it could be humorous but not if you live in this state.

What an amazing display of pure unadulterated racism. First she puts in a Pew study that shows growth in the Green sector, but not how much growth or how many jobs. She puts this forth like the guy is a stupid monkey, and the man is obviously intelligent. He politely lets it slide. Then she puts as evidence an endorsement by the NAACP, a civil rights, not scientific organization, as if the man hasn’t got the intelligence to see beyond his own race and will be awed by the blackness of the report writers. When he finally calls her condescending, and explains to her he is an American, a veteran, as well as black she makes a bizarre connection that her spouse is also a veteran and that has nothing to do with the conversation. He was trying to communicate to her that he is arguing issues not color, and that he is not only black, he is also an American with a proven dedication to his nation. He walked the walk, he did not simply marry the walker. The one thing this interchanges proves is the falsehood of the racists, because this man is so obviously intellectually superior to Boxer it hurts to watch. Imagine if he was sitting in her chair how this same scenario would have played out. How do people like her end up as ‘rulers’ while men like him become their toys?

Barbara Boxer is an idiot. I live in California and am ashamed to say she represents my state. I cringe every time she opens her mouth (which is far too often) because, more often than not, something dumb and completely uninformed comes out. This video is just one example. The gentleman from the Black Chamber of Commerce was correct, she was being condescending (at best).

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