Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tehran Murder of an Only Child - What's News Tonight

The puzzle of the ongoing turmoil in Tehran and throughout the Islamic Republic is how the continuing silence of the Obama administration is aiding the vast resistance to the usurper Ahmadinejad and his IRGC predators. The DoD has consistently detailed the efforts of the IRGC to wreck the Iraq government and defeat the Coalition since 2003. Ahmadinejad is voluble in his threats against Israel and the Jewish people. The Supreme Leader Khamenei is a tyrant and provocateur of naked aggression. All this, and since June the steady stream of reports of the brutality of the Basij militia against the Iranian people, and still neither POTUS nor significant representatives of the Obama administration speak in public to name Teheran as a rogue. The silence does not improve the facts. The well-sourced intelligence that the Obama administration aims to negotiate an expedient bargain with Tehran, to add to a similar bargain offered by the Bush administration, is said to explain POTUS silence. Thaddeus McCotter speaks for the American people who have listened in disappointment for an honest, sturdy voice of liberty from the elected leader of "the citty on a hill."

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