Sunday, March 21, 2010

About Those ‘Racial Slurs:’ Real News or Media Propaganda? - Big Journalism

As someone who has been to Tea Parties and ridden the Tea Party Express with both black and white entertainers and speakers, I find these reports to be incredible. However, they do fit both the Democratic Party and the MSM’s standard attempts to equate Tea Party patriots with racism and narrow-minded bigotry of all kinds.

Unless those racial and “homophobic” slurs were corroborated by real witnesses, they remain nothing but allegations. However, they are precisely the kind of allegations that fit the MSM’s ideological framework. Just as the Duke rape accuser’s charges fit that framework and were reported as absolute fact for months on end. Just as the Tawana Brawley hoax, ring-led by Al Sharpton, fit that framework and were reported as fact.

This list is actually becoming too long for sentient citizens not to connect the dots on the MSM’s rush to judgment and abandoning all pretense to journalistic integrity – just to create news that fits their leftist ideology.

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