Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Entourage Edge Review - A Review of the Entourage Edge

Are two screens better than one? Aimed primarily at students, the Entourage Edge is a $499 eReader-tablet combo with a 9.7-inch eInk screen on one side (like the Kindle 2) and a 10.1-inch color LCD on the other. The company calls it a dualbook, and it’s hard not to be impressed by its sheer versatility. You can use this Android-powered device to download and read eBooks, take digital notes with the included stylus, and record lectures. And when class is dismissed—or before, your call—you can check your favorite sites, as well as play music and videos. While we appreciate this gadget’s dual personalities, its design is a bit clunky, there’s a dearth of available apps, and some features are not yet activated. Read on to find out if the Edge really doubles your pleasure.

Wow! This looks like the best of both worlds.

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