Tuesday, March 09, 2010

YouTube - Stupid in America

This is what's wrong with our county. Not healthcare, not the environment. We have fallen into a system where kids don't have the "ammunition" to make day to day decisions for themselves, let alone elect people who represent their best interests. Why do we keep electing people that promise handouts but don't deliver on the basics that we are already paying for?

This isn't new either. But it's gotten much worse than when I was in public school in the 50s. We learned the basics, were exposed to history, knew how our government worked, didn't have to count on our fingers or stumble over reading. But we've just witnessed an election (and this isn't the first time) where grand promises were made for "change", but very few people asked "to what?" Less and less do we see real analysis done on what the promises represent or when enacted what the results are. The system we have is self perpetuating mediocrity. If we don't escape this cycle of dumbing ourselves down, it is only a matter of time before we elect a dictatorship of some sort that throws any vestiges of liberty we have out the window. And nobody will notice.

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