Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do Pelosi and the Democrats Have the Health Care Votes? Here's the Math - The Note

Sometimes the comments beat the articles:

No-one has been able to explain how a government that has failed to manage all entitlement programs to date could suddenly find a magical way to eliminate the very waste, fraud and abuse it seemingly thrives on by passing a 2000+ page bill. No matter how the CBO scores the cost we know from experience that the government cannot manage it.

The national debt though the ceiling has been raised twice within months has passed the $14.3 trillion ceiling according to the “bluedog democrats” website. The unfunded liabilities (say entitlements) are in excess of $105 trillion compared to the net worth of all US assets valued at $51.5 trillion. Current projections have the national debt doubling in just five years and tripling in ten.

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