Monday, March 15, 2010

Mary Anastasia O'Grady: Democrats and Haiti Telecom -

Among Mr. Kennedy's more hilarious claims is that Fusion's sweetheart deal with Teleco was "an innovative agreement" and an example of "deregulation of state-owned monopolies." The FCC has suggested otherwise in another similar situation. In 2008 it fined New Jersey-based IDT $400,000 for failing to file its 2003 Teleco agreement for 8.75 cents per minute, a 66% discount from the official rate.

An American entrepreneur who does business in the Caribbean recently explained the Haitian landscape to me this way: "We did not bother with Haiti as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act precludes legitimate U.S. entities from entering the Haitian market. Haiti is pure pay to play. The benefit of competitive submarine cables would be transformative for the Haitians. Instead, they were stuck with Clinton cronies taxing the poor."

Wait until the FCC gets ahold of our Internet!

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