Sunday, October 12, 2008

As We See It: Elect Obama as next president

Not surprisingly the San Hose Mercury News has come out in support of Obama. But look at their closing words on the candidate (emphasis mine):

Unfortunately for Obama, if he wins -- and he should, if for no other reason than the economy -- he'll face a series of challenges that will make it difficult to deliver on many of his campaign promises.

In addition to the crisis in the financial markets, he'll be faced with the rising costs of entitlement programs, a huge national deficit, and an unpopular war in Iraq that is going better than a year ago, when Obama pledged to bring our troops home.

Terrorism will remain a potential danger, and America's declining position in the world, will need to be addressed quickly. Issues such as climate change and energy will have to be dealt with during a painful recession.

Our next president will need the kind of qualities that Barack Obama has demonstrated in his long and historic fight to lead the United States of America.

We urge his election.


If you read the article there is not one mention of these qualities he supposedly has, simply a note the he has had successful campaigns.

Remember, two of his early campaigns involved his opponents dropping out due to scandals (of the same sexual nature that Dems tell us shouldn't be important) stirred up by Obama himself.

We don't know where he stands on many issues because the "debates" and the press in general haven't forced him to say.

Look SHMN and others, support the liberal Democrat as you are always inclined to do, just don't pretend to give us a rational for it (unless you actually can).

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