Monday, October 13, 2008

Restoring Confidency -

It doesn't matter what the article says, except for the fact that it doesn't contain the non-word "confidency". Is it a pun? Some other inside joke I just don't get?

One thing that shakes my "confidency" these days are the ever increasing numbers of typos, misspellings, bad grammar and punctuation goof-ups in the mainstream media. I was never good at these things myself, but I did have the good education to know where my deficiencies were and compensate for them. Kids today aren't taught that, because our lefty culture teaches them to have self confidence, even when it isn't warranted.

The young retards that intern at and then work for these "news" sources along with their counterparts in the computer field, law, and maybe most scary of all medicine are already taking over the levers of the world.

Color me depressinated.


Update: My message to the WSJ trying to helpfully correct their headline got a response:

thanks for your note. the word is official presidential coinage (!) but i guess you missed President Bush's televised statement on the financial crisis on friday. holman.

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So I guess that settles it. The new WSJ headline policy will be to mock the mistakes of our political figures in their headlines.

I can hardly wait to see congress people with headlines that include the word "axe" rather than "ask", not to mention all of Barney Frank's Elmer Fudisms: "We would wike to get our wepubwican coweegs on bowud wiff dees new pwans we have." He's a gold mine!

Mac (I onwy weed WSJ fow duh siwy headwines!) Beach

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