Monday, October 13, 2008


Great BIG article (excerpts):

Reinier Alcantara did not believe he would have another opportunity to pursue freedom, so on Thursday night, as he and his Cuban soccer teammates were preparing for a team dinner at the Crystal City Doubletree Hotel, the 26-year-old forward made his break.

Sharing details in a telephone interview with The Washington Post last night, Alcantara said he was in the lobby, wearing a casual shirt, shorts and tennis shoes, when he saw the coaches wander into the gift shop. He rode the escalator down to street level and "started running like crazy and didn't look behind," he said through an interpreter who arranged the interview and requested anonymity for political reasons.

How is it that these freedom-hating, poverty-generating revolutionaries hope to stage their comeback on the world stage? Not with the traditional guns and revolution of old, but through the indoctrination of young minds into their failed ideology--a process already underway here in the U.S. Communism and socialism has a new lease on life in the 21st century, in spite of the devastation and misery they unleashed in the 20th. Their "scholars", aided and abetted by postmodern philosophy have managed to erase history and shift the blame for all their own failures onto the capitalist system.

The evils of capitalism are being drilled into our consciousness on a daily basis; and as for our children, learning contempt for the capitalist system begins as soon as they enter the educational system.

In the minds of all the neo-Marxists, dead-end communist stooges and anti-war idiots who participate regularly in anti-American and anti-capitalist protests, cosmic megalomaniacs and dedicated communists like Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Hönecker, Ceaucescu, Kim, and Castro are simply misguided humanitarians whose atrocities are not worth mentioning--especially compared to the crimes against humanity perpetrated by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney (and, of course now by John McCain and his evil sidekick Palin).

In the free market of ideas, socialism and communism have had their chance and they immediately shut down any ideas that threatened them. In the real world they have been show repeatedly to bring human misery, poverty, slavery, death and oppression--notwithstanding all that glorious rhetoric and propaganda about their wonder achievenments and the ideological purity of their healthy youth as depicted in the third poster above, marching in lockstep to bring the wonders of communism to a skeptical world.

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