Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Do people not realize?

"Do people not realize that if you have a million dollars in the bank that you make (at least when the economy isn't having real problems) $40k a year doing nothing? How is that accumulation of wealth without adding to productivity into the system good for society?"

Oh my God.

Here is someone supposedly well educated and old enough to know how the basics of our system work. But he seems to think that putting money in the bank is like growing yeast in a little container next to the cook-stove.

This is why Obama is doing so well. We are a nation of retards.

At some point you wear your fingers out trying to educate folks like this, and at the same time keep yourself from throwing something into your monitor.

When progressivism (current euphemism for socialism) is tried here and things go bad (worse than now) as they inevitably will. I guarantee you this guy will be one of the ones crying the loudest.

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