Friday, October 10, 2008

Dr. Sanity: JUST A THOUGHT...

I hate it when someone suggests that the best way to get back our freedoms in this country are to vote for the other side in the hope of waking the rest of America up. (I may have even suggested such a think from time to time myself, but I hope not publicly).

Anyway, here is my blanket reply to such a thought:

If I were an Obama supporter that's exactly what I'd be posting here.

Sorry, but "gaming" the system that way doesn't work. Show me some countries that clawed their way out of socialism having once gotten there. The Soviet Union collapsed, but it is still as much a control economy as ever.

This country is the freest in the world, and when our freedom goes it will be gone from the world for generations if not for good.

I blame those most who allowed their children to be brainwashed by our public school systems and media. Until those things are fixed there is no going back. Sorry to break the news to you.

I'll continue to vote that our trip to totalitarianism be as slow as we can possibly make it.

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