Wednesday, January 27, 2010

American disapproval of Obama is on the rise -

Obama's critics on the right have been implacable in their opposition. What's new is how mad liberals are. Conservatives loathe Obama; liberals are merely disgusted with him. Here are a few headlines from liberal blogs Tuesday morning in reaction to the announcement that the president wants a freeze in non-security-related federal spending:

"It's Official: Obama Is an Idiot" (Paul Rosenberg)

"Barack Herbert Hoover Obama?" (Brad DeLong)

"Obama Liquidates Himself" (Paul Krugman)

"Obama's Self-Inflicted Lobotomy Proceeds Apace" (Jonathan Zasloff)

The rules for giving a good speech, particlarly when written by a third party, are few and easy to master. Without seeing his grades, why would anyone have thought him particularly intelligent in the first place? Still, the illusion exists among many.

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