Sunday, January 10, 2010

Power Line - Why Are Jews Liberals? Part Two

I didn't quote anything on this blog entry because... there is nothing to quote. Unless you want to count a bad link to where there is apparently a book by that same name.

Nothing like stretching a point to meet your quota of blog entries.

Just do what I do, If you have nothing to add, quote a paragraph from someone who does have something to say and just leave it at that.

Bottom line for me (and I haven't read the referenced book) is that Jews practicing Judaism is NOT a precedent set by the Old Testament as so many insist on assuming.

Try reading THOSE books, as they are actually mostly about Jews NOT practicing their avowed faith, and the consequences that followed.

Now the only question that poses itself in my mind is: what was that quote about people trying things that have failed in the past and expecting to get different results? I think those are the grounds we are treading over for the umpteenth time.

Rest assured that the scores will be settled on a case by case basis, and not necessarily here on earth.

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