Monday, January 25, 2010

The new orkut in a nutshell - orkut blog

As more and more people are switching to the new version of orkut, we thought it would be nice to show you what's new in your new orkut homepage.

Can that possibly be true?

I had to invent a second Orkut identity so I could have someone to talk to.

They took 6 years to re-write Orkut as a native Google application, allowing it to scale, not crash all the time, etc.

I find it hard to believe they can jump-start the US market again. Maybe they aren't even trying. Maybe they are biding their time waiting for a good price on Facebook.

If I were them I'd consider relieving News Corp of MySpace, buy Classmates from whoever owns them (IAG?) Challenge Facebook by consolidating all the also-rans.

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