Thursday, January 07, 2010

The John Batchelor Show :: Pencil-Push White House - De-Brief

Spoke Wednesday 6 to Larry Johnson, No Quarter, re John Brennan of the NSS and the clumsiness of the Obama White House this last week since Flight 253. Larry Johnson's opinion of the Brennan is that he is a run-of-the-mill "pencil-pusher" who served two decades in the CIA without distinction, and whose tour as head of station in Saudia Arabia was dismal. Brennan was in place in 2001 as George Tennant's chief-of-staff, and so he is part of the failure of the first Al Q attack. He inserted himself in the Obama administration with officious conduct during the inauguration; and he is now the commander-in-chief of homeland paranoia at the White House, the man called "John" by POTUS. John Bolton told me Tuesday 5 that John Brennan has his own problems, that his statement that the Obama team security was good for all other days, just not Christmas, was a way of saying, "It was good enough for government work."

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