Saturday, January 23, 2010

Obama has suspicious number of letter-writing fans named 'Ellie Light' | OPEN: Ohio Politics -

The comments are great:

I know some of you think that Obama has hired PR people that get online and hit the comments section of all the big news sites with articles about him. Sure, I thought I noticed this too starting in about August of 2008. Suddenly and mysteriously, most of the articles linked by the Drudge Report started getting pro-Obama comments that pretty much regurgitated his campaign lingo. Well, that's when I looked into them and found that they weren't paid PR professionals, but rather, simple local folk that all like to be called Ellie Light. Well, I was so inspired by this grass-roots effort that I too became involved. And I would've posted my pro-Obama comments right up there next to Ellie's if I could have had my way.

Unfortunately, I've fallen upon hard times. Rather than being able to buy a new house every week like Ellie Light, I lost my job. And despite the stimulus, I also lost my house and had to move into a low-rent district. It's not all bad though, because my healthcare coverage on Medicaid is amazing. I'm also eating better than I ever have before now that I have food stamps. That 13oz box of sugary cereal that costs $6 in the supermarket? No problem -- I buy a dozen of them now every week! I'm also looking forward to a hefty tax rebate this year, which is amazing since I didn't have any taxes withheld last year. You think I'm kidding? LOL, the jokes on you!

Don't worry about me because I'm doing great. I'm looking forward to receiving one of those nice-paying government jobs that have recently become so plentiful. And if I don't land one this time around, I'm sure to be first in line when my man Obama socializes another private industry. I'm really still deciding whether I want a government job in the automotive industry, the healthcare industry, the banking industry, or if I want to wait for one on Wall Street. My man Obama is gonna get me some of that... wait and see.

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