Monday, March 01, 2010

The John Batchelor Show :: Reign of Terror - De-Brief

"We have a different value system here..." says Mrs. Pelosi of the GOP House, when asked why the Blair House gabfest did not happen in March 2009 instead of at the very end of the end of the process, after Mrs. Pelosi wrote the healthcare bill that she passed with 219 Democrats last fall. Mrs. Pelosi possesses everything the voluble and vain M. Robespierre missed out on with his unfortunate early exit -- a grinding passion for victory over the enemies of the Revolution, in this case, the puny and disorganized GOP

I just hope the awakening of the "independent" voters isn't too little too late. Some of these initiatives don't roll back very cleanly. We may have to investigate time travel after all. Republican flim-flam? Maybe so, but I am pretty sure that although they too had us moving in the wrong direction, at least then we were moving more slowly.

I've always suspected that the only way to set things right would be to first have a total collapse. But I'm in no hurry to have that theory proven. Is there irony to the Emanuel rule about not letting a crisis go to waste? Maybe he is working at the wrong metaphysical level to define exactly which crisis is involved, namely the one he and those like him are creating for us.

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