Friday, October 03, 2008


"I can live for four years with a President I despise (and certainly without the delusional insanity that has been the hallmark of those with BDS for the last 8 years since their candidates lost). I have done it multiple times before this point in history.

But what I cannot live with is a media that is no longer capable of giving reasonably fair and objective reporting on the critical issues of our time. I cannot live with propaganda. I cannot live with the opinionated nonsense that today passes for serious journalism on the front pages of our major newspapers--and I am not talking about op-ed pieces. Those are clearly marked as 'opinion.' But the day to day burying of important information to the end of articles; the misleading headlines; the rampant unfairness of a press that is obsessed with Sarah Palin's tanning bed and facials, but indifferent to Barack Obama's connections to homegrown and Islamic terrorism. A media that joyfully exposes what conflicts of interest Palin has had; but ignores Joe Biden's. A journalistic corp that joyfully and openly supports Barack Obama and hides or misleads about his lack of experience to be POTUS; but is so very sincere and courageous about getting it out to the public that Sarah Palin is 'not qualified' to be VP."

Well said.

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